Location Map of The Hill@One-North

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The Hill @One-North Location

History of One-North 

One-North is a two hundred hectare subzone situated in the residential township of Queenstown, Singapore. It was established by JTC, a lead government agency responsible for developing industrial infrastructure in Singapore. This business zone aimed to pull up valuable economic resources in one place to provide a sustainable environment for working, living, learning, and playing.

The then Prime minister of Singapore launched One-North development in 2001 to create a self-sufficient worldwide hub with a knowledge-based economy. The plan has existed since 1991 but was put into practice in early 2000.

This subarea came about to transform business operations because of the rapidly growing economy of Singapore. It had eight prominent precincts, more than four hundred big companies, fifteen public study academies, five institutes of higher learning and corporate colleges, and over fifty thousand proficiency employees.

Designed for work, life, play, and learning, One-North has exclusive residences and learning centres close to the work areas. Young professionals mostly further their knowledge while working. The site is well ramified with roads and railway networks and huge residential areas, primarily private and public housing estates.

The three industrial clusters targeted by the settlement included the biomedical science cluster, the Infocomm technology or IT cluster, and the Media cluster. The business and science parks are of modern design, different from other parks in Singapore built in the 80s and 90s, to attract a new generation of talented professionals.

The nine main development precincts comprise Biopolis, Fusionopolis, Mediapolis, Wessex, One north park, Rochester Park, Pixel, Nepal Hill, Vista, and JTC LaunchPad. Biopolis is a development and research centre designed by a famous architect Zaha Hadid; its construction went through six phases and took about 15 years to build; the last phase is still underway. It is the most significant biomedical centre in One-North.

Fusionopolis occupies about thirty hectares and harbors study organizations, refined companies, government organizations, and retail flats in one place. The third precinct, Mediapolis is a 19-hectare region constructed in 2008 with expanding demand for media technology; it is eco-friendly, has efficient floor space, amenities, and features to suit several media groups.

One north has an exclusive networking system that makes message passage and storage and information retrieval accessible. This network combines transport, IT, pedestrian, social, and business networks. One-North aimed to operate in three clicks: passing information in three calls or getting to your work, residence, or campus in three hops.

Today the place is one of the most productive global economies, and with a population of only six hundred and fifty people, the workability and productivity are high. The businesses, corporations, residences, and schools are well established. Also, the houses are of modern designs with state-of-the-art amenities to suit professionals of all ages and ethics. The parks are excellent and well managed.