The Hill @One-North completion date

The least profitable resale deal that took place in the period from Dec 27, 2022 to January 3 was the purchase of a 3,283 sq . ft penthouse with three bedrooms located in Turquoise in Sentosa Cove. The property sold in the amount of $4.63 million ($1,410 per square foot) on December 27 the previous year. The unit was previously sold for $8.42 million ($2,564 per sqf) during November 2007. This means that the seller suffered the loss of $3.78 million profit (45%), which is equivalent to an annualized expense in the range of 3.9% over 15 years.

The Hill @One-North completion date is ideally positioned for living convenience regardless of age, race or nationality.

Note An previous version stated that the $3.78 million loss on Dec 27, 2022 at Turquoise included the sale of a penthouse with four bedrooms. However, the property which was sold is an apartment with three bedrooms. We regret the mistake.

This is the second least profitable to date in 99 year leasehold condominium. The most significant loss is the purchase of a 3,746 sq 5 ft penthouse with five bedrooms priced at $4.4 million ($1,175 per square foot) in September of this year. The property was previously bought at $9.53 million ($2,545 per sq ft) during November 2007. In the process, the seller was hit with record $5.13 million loss. This amounts to an annualized expense in the range of 6.8% over 10 years.

Turquoise is among a few 99-year leasehold condos located in Sentosa Cove. Sentosa Cove residential enclave. While the majority of condos, such as Seascape, Cape Royale, The Oceanfront @ Sentosa Cove, and The Coast @ Sentosa Cove offer views of the sea The majority of units at Turquoise as well as the neighboring Marina Collection have views of the marina.

On the other hand that most lucrative resale sale during the week-in-review included the purchase of 2,852 square foot four-bedroom apartment located at Nassim Mansion

in prime District 10. The property was sold for $9.28 million ($3,253 per square foot) on December 29 this year. The unit was purchased at $5.89 million ($2,068 per square foot) during May 2007. The seller came off with the $3.38 million gain (57%), which amounts to an annualized increase in the range of 2.9% over 15 1/2 years.

The sale also marks a record price for psf record for the development’s freehold and surpasses that previous mark set back in through selling a 3 412 sq . ft unit that cost $10.6 million ($3,107 per sq ft).

Nassim Mansion is located in an exclusive residential neighborhood that is near The Orchard Road shopping belt and the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

At least four resales in the Nassim Mansion last year, due to the match of URA conditions. Three of the transactions yielded profits, one of which was the sale on December 27. The two other deals involved the 2,852 square foot unit at $8.45 million ($2,962 per sq ft) that was sold on the 9th of March earning 87,000 in gain for the vendor as well as a 2,852 sq. feet unit that cost $8.19 million ($2,871 per sq ft) in June 27 generating the seller a $2.4 million gain for the vendor.

In the case of Fifth Avenue Condominium The selling of an 1,604 square feet, two-bedroom unit on December 28 of in the year prior was the second highest-profit deal of the review period. The condo was purchased at $3.38 million ($2,107 per square foot). It was worth $1.05 million ($655 per square foot) at the end of May. The seller made an $2.33 million gain (222%), which amounts to an annualised increase in the range of 6.5% over 18 1/2 years.

Fifth Avenue Condominium is a freehold property located in District 10, which is the exclusive Bukit Timah neighbourFourth Avenue Residehood. The neighborhood has a lot of land housing estates. The luxury condos located in the area comprise Royalgreen as well as Fourth Avenue Residences as well as nearby commercial developments that are Guthrie House, Sixth Avenue Centre along with The Grandstand at Turf Club Road.

According to URA restrictions the sale of the property on Dec 28 in Fifth Avenue Condo is also the second highest-profit sale the development has made to date. It’s just short of the profit on cord of $2.69 million that was earned through an auction of 2,217 square feet unit for $4.19 million ($1,894 per square foot) on March 20, 2020. Prior to that, the unit was bought at $1.51 million ($681 per sq ft) during September of 2004. The result was an profit of 178% profit, which amounts to an annual increase that was 6.8% over 15 years.